Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby turkeys

A few weeks ago, a turkey hen brought her wee brood too close to the house. Dogs scattered them and momma lost them. I heard the babies and slowly caught them one by one. I kept waiting for the mom to come back for them, but the hen that showed up didn't seem interested.

Aren't they precious? The next afternoon I called the vet and he gave me the name of a couple that raised birds. I called and they were thrilled to have them. Turns out, they had been thinking of trying to find a nest of them. They had them before and had only one hen left. So babies went to people who knew how to raise birds. There place was fantastic! There were the show chickens of all kinds, ducks, the fatest geese I have ever seen, and pigmy goats. I left the babies in very good hands. I need to go out and check on their progress soon.
There is always something going on out here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why is he here?

See that guy? He is a Ruby-throat hummingbird. First, this is not his territory. We have black-chin hummers here. Second, this isn't migratory time. That comes in at least another month. So why is he here running off the locals? Pushy little bird!

I am back to updating my space here. It's been a wild ride the past couple of years but I will try to keep up with things now, so lots of updating to do. Tomorrow.....turkey babies.