Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh Joy

I got an email from my dear heart this afternoon.....he is coming home Monday! I am so excited. I haven't heard from him since sunday and now will get to call him this evening. It is going to be so wonderful hearing his voice. I can hardly wait for him to get home.
Sadly, I had to cancel the weekend plans. Casey was coming to meet us, but I have come down with something. My father in law has been sick with a cold or something this week, and it looks like I have it too. My throat is sore, sinus's starting to cause problems, cough is coming on, and so is temperature. After working so hard this week to get ready, I am so disappointed to have to cancel it. But I absolutely don't want to pass this on to the baby. Oh well, maybe when we finally get to do this, Kim will be home.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Feeder pictures

I finally got blogger to upload my pictures. The round cage is on the patio and the square one is on the front porch. Though both pictures show finches in the cages, the round one is usually dominated by the cactus wrens....quite a bit bigger than finches.
The only problem I have with them is the poop everywhere. But that is better than seeds and hulls all over the ground, along with poop.

Best Birdfeeders

A neighbor of my mothers' was cleaning out her house and garage. She had birdcages she was tossing. When mom told me about them, I said for her to go get them for me. Before I got up to her house to get them, I visited my friend, Judy, and saw that she was using birdcages as feeders. This is a picture of my cages. I will try to upload the results later, but Blogger isn't uploading right now. I tried twice and it took over half an hour to reject the upload.
What you do is take the extra stuff out, if any is in, then drill a couple of small holes in the tray for drainage. Snip a few cage wires here and there for access for the birds, fill the bottom tray with seed, and hang out somewhere. The round feeder is on my patio, the square one is on the front porch. It took about a week for anyone to get the idea, but since then they have hosted finches, cactus wrens, and a few birds that I don't know the names of. These feeders allow me to enjoy the birds, the cats to enjoy the birds while the birds remain unmolested, the seed stays put and isn't scattered everywhere, and the doves aren't a pain in the tush. I empty out the spent seed on the ground out in the yard for the doves. The small openings I cut keep out the marauding Scrub Jays and Mockingbirds. I am anxious to see if the cardinals find them. But mainly the finches are in hog heaven.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yarn Mania

I have had an affair with yarn long before I had one with fabric. Though the fabric seems out of control, right now it's because I have been working on the yarn. My mom and grandma taught me to crochet at an early age. I can do anything in crochet. But I taught myself to knit and it is still a challenge to me.
Every couple of years I get a need to knit. What triggered this years mania was the current knitting rage. The yarns are lucious, the patterns are fun, and I am having a blast. I even intend to get around to socks. I never used double pointed needles before.
Top picture is a tote bag I just finished. It was in a new book I got named Chunky Knits. I use it to stash my latest knit project. The other picture is the cradle I got years ago for my granddaughters. This weekend we will be meeting another little one who may become our new granddaughter, so I got out the cradle and got it ready for her. Then, in cleaning up the guest room closet and organizing it, I came across a skein and half of a nice fluffy yarn. Being a yarn maniac, I sat down and cast on. It only took me a day of quick knitting to make the little soft blanket for the cradle. When our second grand, Hannah, was born, she was put in the cradle on her first day home.
The basket is one I crocheted. I don't recall where I got the pattern, but it is nice and sturdy and is holding a purse I am crocheting from the lastest Vogue Knitting magazine.
Also, having finished a few things, I started on another tote. I will post that pic when it is done. Going real quick on circular 10's, but I need to get a new set of sticks. The ones I am using are old and beat up. So badly so, that they cut my finger and I have to use a bandage on my index finger now. I have been knitting on it while I check my email and read blogs.
More later, but it takes half an hour to upload pics to this site.

Busy Lately

I haven't updated here lately because of a lot of things going on in my world. First, my carcass has been parked in front of this computer, checking email regularly for messages from dear hubby in Siberia. He left the 14th and we have already talked on the phone 3 times. Luckily he gave me his phone card number so we don't have to pay the high phone charges. I am here now because he is on the job site and no communication available. Life is good though, as he may be flying home saturday. Blows me away that he would get on the plane saturday in Russia and land in Texas on saturday. Unless he has another monster layover in Houston. He sat there for 6 hours on the way out.
Second thing was the little storm that threatened Houston and Galveston. I worried about my sister and bro in law in Katy and have group list friends all over the area. Happily, everyone came through okay. Sis only had some branches blown off their trees, but barely any dampness on the ground. My brother came through okay too but didn't have electricity.
Then my oldest son came for the weekend. We had a great visit. But I found out that a communication breakdown had happened. I thought I had until the weekend of Oct 8th to prepare for his girlfriend and daughter to visit. Wrong! It is this coming weekend! I have less than a week to prepare my house for a 9 month old! Today I did some work on the kitchen, such as moving cleaning supplies from under the sink to the pantry, and got the guest room ready. Tomorrow I have to work on the living room and dining room. That room will be the challenge because I have so much going on in here. I am hoping to get to the patio cleanup by thursday when the heat wave is supposed to break.
Yeah, we have had a horrendous heat wave the past week. It has consistantly hit 105-106 degrees this weekend and today. Oops, it is after midnight, so it is already tuesday. A cool front is supposed to be here thursday, bringing a chance of rain with it. This is wonderful news! I won't go outside unless I have to when it gets in the 100's. The patio has got to be cleaned up before company comes. We have piled stuff everywhere and the debris has blown in all summer, making piles of compost fodder in every nook and cranny.
So...with all this to do, what do I do? I knit a blanky. I got out the little wood cradle for the little one to play with and decided it needed a blanky. While I was clearing out some stuff from the closet, I came across some bulky, fluffy yarn. So I grabbed my size 17 Turbo's and got to work. I finished it this evening too! So, that stash is used up and the little cradle has a blanky. Now I need to come up with a little pillow for a mattress and buy a little doll for it. I hope Brooklyn likes it.
Okay, just took my night meds. Now I will shut down and go read till my eyes cross. Good Night

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Watching Rita

Since I have friends and family in the hurricane path, I have been watching things closely. Last night when I went to bed, she was only a catagory 2, just a couple of mph away from being a 3. Blew me away when I got up this monring and she was a Cat 4!
Emails have been flying between sis and I all morning. She works near downtown. On her route to work, she passes a National Guard Armory....about 4 miles from her house. This morning they were on duty, suited up and active. They had about 15-20 busses at the ready. Moments ago, sis emailed that the procession of busses just drove by her office on their way to the surge area. It warms my heart to know that Texas knows how to handle a disaster. If anyone is left behind to deal with the will only be by their choice.
My bro in law has been in Mobile Alabama this past week or so, working on repairs. He is a certified welder and deep sea diver. They were cut loose to go home to Houston to prepare, so he should be coming home this evening.
If things get too dicey, they will load up and head to my house. I just hope I get some rain out of all this. It is so dry here, and has been for so long, that even my allergy med doesn't do me any good. The sneezing, itchy eyes, snot, and nose blowing is getting old. I need rain to clean out the pollens!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Picture of Kim

So I had a case of head-up-a** disease today. I burned a cd of Kim's pictures, took them to his dad, and when he looked at them full sized....I realize one of the pictures was of Kim in front of Albert House. D'oh! So...that is him standing on the steps. Maybe I will start looking at pictures at a bigger size than I have.
Dad was easy to instruct on how to use the he is teachable, no matter what he says. When Kim sends some more pictures, I will burn them onto the cd, then walk dad through making a folder on his computer to download the pictures to.
Now, maybe that will be my last post for today. I don't post for a week, then I go at it like a maniac. Well....that is life in ADD-land, I suppose.

oops and smiles

I forgot to mention that the guy on the steps of the Alberta NOT Kim. I will have to find out from him who it is.
So I leave you with smiles from me and Jack.

Alberta House

This is pictures of Alberta House, where Kim is staying in Nizhnezartovsk, Russia. It was built by Canadians, thus the name. I tried to put pictures from him in my webshots album, but it got cranky after I got them put up and tried to upload them. I will try again soon.
I have been trying to get my kitchen under control. I took out some dishes I didn't need. I don't need glasses with tiny bases that will tip over, don't need a dozen juice glasses, nor 13 soup mugs. I am also tossing out teas I will never use. I am going one cupboard at a time, trying to get real with myself. Really dread the baking pans. Maybe I can decorate some up to use in the yard.
I should have watered the plants in the front. It has been so hot and dry that I haven't wanted to go outside. The poor babies are suffering out there while I laze about under the a/c.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Kim in Siberia

Yep, you read it right. My one and only is in Siberia. My butt has been parked at this durn computer since he landed friday. We have emailed back and forth and generally acted like a couple of newlyweds instead of 29 year seasoned veterans.
Tonight I finally figured out.....or to call internationally. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the call through, so laid down and read a book. This cleared my frustrated head so that it dawned on me when I got back to it. Even looked up Matt's old number in Germany to confirm what I was doing wrong. When I heard his voice, it was like coming home. I am sure he felt the same way. We are both so pitiful. He goes halfway around the world and we end up acting like we are being separated for months. Oh, and the picture....that is the view from his room. Inspiring, eh? He says those stacks to the right are from the steam plant. Apparently the whole town is steam heated. Kim says pipes run everywhere. I guess he should be glad that he isn't there in January.
We are both hoping they get the job done quickly and he can get the heck out of Russia and back home to Texas, where that homesick homeboy belongs.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Knitted Jacket

The first of this week, I finished knitting a jacket for myself. It is made from a pattern in Tahki Yarns Fall/Winter 04 collection. Instead of the expensive Tahki yarn, I used 5 balls of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. It is nice and cozy in Lambswool and Acrylic....which means I can throw it in the washer and dryer. I picked the nice Wheat color so it will go with anything and used size 17 Addi Turbo circular needles. I must get more Turbo's....they are wonderful to use. So smooth and quiet!
Now I have started on a shrug found in a knitting magazine...couldn't tell you which one right now. Hancocks had a coupon for 20% off balls of yarn up to 6 balls. I was able to get the knitting ribbon for the shrug at a good price. This ribbon is fun to knit with.
Maybe with someone home eventually, I can get a pic of me wearing the jacket.
Come on Winter!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Matt

Wedding...Brides Family....sept 3, 2005....Midland/Odessa, Tx
Aaron (grandpa), Jared(bro), Martha(grandma), Kirby(dad),Penny(mom), Bride Jana, Groom Keith, Kim(uncle), Cyndye (aunt), Matt(cousin), Kathy(aunt), Kathy's daughter, who I can't recall her name. Chris, our oldest son,took the picture, so isn't in it.
Today is Matt's 22nd birthday. Kim called him this morning and invited him down for grilled steak, strawberries and cake (his favorite), an oil change, and parts put on his car door. Tomorrow I will take him to lunch after I see Kim off at the airport. He begins his long flights to Russia in the morning. Technically....he is going to Siberia. We don't know how long he will be gone, but his return flight is for Oct. 14th. The jobs are lined up to the end of october. We'll see.
I will have more time to update after he leaves.