Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Walk In The Snow

Welcome to Foxdraw Acres. This is the view from just past the gate, over the cattle guard, toward one of the houses. Our house is behind those trees to the left.

Here is the gate we just passed through. Kim wood burned the name sign from a piece of the vertical cut bamboo that we laid on the floors. I bought him the star at our local craft fair. It was pre-rusted and ready to he spray painted it gold. He doesn't keep up with the trends. But with the gold flaking off in the weather, he is being trendy whether he likes it or not.

And here we arrive at the house. It's beautiful with a 4 inch coating of snow. Sure beats the dust and dead grass of the past year.
I will compose another post later with shots of the trees and pasture covered in snow.
When I was outside earlier this morning, I heard trucks on the interstate, so apparently it is open in my county. There sure were a lot of trucks parked in town yesterday that needed to get somewhere before the next storm hits this weekend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Morning Snow

Jack and I went out playing in the snow this morning. I am going to post a couple of pictures for now. Aaron and I are going to take a drive into town to see semi's parked all over town with the interstate closed. The highway running north and south are closed also.
Jack really enjoyed playing in the snow. He hopped through it like a rabbit.

this is the backyard. It looks like we got about 4 inches piled up out there.

I will post pictures from the walk Jack and I took up to the gate and back.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Event

It started up again with big fluffy flakes. This is taken about 3 in the afternoon. This will probably be the last pictures of the day, as it will start getting dark soon.

I know these are a lot of pictures, but snow events this big only happen down here every few years, not yearly. It should be interesting to see what things look like in the morning if the snow keeps coming like they predict it will. So, I will leave you with these for the day and post more tomorrow.
Weather channel is saying a break from this thursday.....then back to ice mix thursday and friday. Oh joy......I love the snow, but could do without the ice.

Still Coming Down

The snow dwindled down to almost nothing for about half an hour, then started up again with big fat flakes. The top pic is pointing northeast from the front porch.

This one is from about noon. The cedars by the goat pen.

Can you see him? Jack had enough of playing in the snow. He was cold, so watched me from his perch in the window. Tigger takes over that perch sometimes....and doesn't share.

This is showing up my drive. The interstate is closed from here to almost San Antonio. This isn't expected to let up till tomorrow sometime. A snow lovers dream!

Magic Fairy Dust Falling

Fairy dust......rare as hen's teeth. It has been falling steady since before 9am. NOAA is saying maybe up to 7 inches by the time it's over with tomorrow, but that much snow is extremely rare in my part of Texas, so we will see.
It has been wonderful for a snow lover like me. I go out every hour for pictures. Jack goes with me, but goes back in before I do....very disgruntled. Tigger, the giant cat, has gone bonkers. Guess too much stimulation. He went around the house slapping dogs all day yesterday. Today he is running around like he has drank too much coffee. Needless to say, the dogs are avoiding him. Having fur like a Chow-Chow gives him the attitude that he can rule. Since he is bigger than all but one dog, he lords over them. I hope I don't have to smack him off the other cats. Speaking of the other cats, yesterday I gave old Missy some aspirin. She hasn't started growling with pain yet, so I am hoping to keep her comfortable during this cold weather.
It's time to go out and take more be posted later.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Castle

This morning I woke to find an icy world. This has been predicted all weekend, but just today got us down here. I would say about a quarter inch of ice on things, but the sun is coming out. I was hopeful about the sun melting things, until I looked at the weather forcast for today. They are expecting a 50 percent chance of rain, or sleet, or snow for us today. There is still rain clouds coming up from Mexico....which they say began around Hawaii. Hard to believe the ice originated in balmy Hawaii.

Matt's therapy was cancelled, FIL is not going to be able to go in for bloodwork today unless it melts a bit, and I can't see Weight Watchers having weigh-in tonight. I wish we could phone in our weights....LOL I dropped 5lbs and want it recorded. the time we weigh in the evening, I would be showing heavier.

Everyone in the path of this....please stay off the icy roads and keep warm.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looking like a room

Yes, I am late on updating the room progress. Trying to get pictures up when you are on slow dial up is an exercise in futility sometimes. There are times that I can get a picture or two uploading, and after about 15 minutes, I will get Page Not Found.
Then I get some smart aleck that whines about no updates, then brags about high speed access in his motel room. Yeah, you know who you are. Now...on to trying to upload pics.

The first picture shows half the roof up. The next picture shows Kim helping Randy put the last wall up. Yeah, the roof went on afterwords, but Blogger doesn't play fair. Anyway...that is Kim in the overalls, Randy hammering, and I don't recall which helper that is in the window. There was Ronnie and Bob...and I don't know which one was which.
Next update will be a tour of the room. I don't want to push my luck with it right now.