Friday, December 23, 2005

Feeling nearly normal

Last night is not something I want to ever relive. Kim kept trying to get me to go to the ER, but I was too stubborn. My left ear plugged up and I was up most of the night in horrendous pain. I finally managed to get about 3 hours sleep with two Darvocets and a slug of cough medicine with codeine in it. After a couple of naps today, I feel pretty good, though the ear is till plugged. I may have ruptured my ear drum though. It has been draining and a lot of that is blood. I may try to get into the doctor monday. Meanwhile I have been taking some antibiotic I have.

I finally got blogger to upload my pictures. This is Mom's christmas pressie from me. My first attempt at lace knitting. It is called Branching out and I made it of a yummy soft alpaca/silk blend. The color is a soft dove gray. This thing took me over a month to do. A few times I considered giving up, but I couldn't let it beat me.

Matt is coming down tomorrow and Kim will grill steaks for our holiday meal. I am hoping that I feel even stronger tomorrow so I can cook up some goodies. Mom went to my sisters' for the weekend. She stopped by here this morning to get my cell phone for the trip. No telling who all she will get calls from while she has it.
Merry Christmas to my family and friends. I hope it is a pleasant one for all.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't's contagious!

My father in law brought something home with him from his Thanksgiving trip. Kim came down with it last week. I came down with it tuesday. Thank goodness I didn't get sick monday because I spent the whole day finishing up Christmas and other misc shopping. So now I get to nurse a slight fever, snot like there is no tomorrow, throat so sore that it is extremely painful to swallow, and body aches.
Nothing seems to help, so hubby poured me a couple of shots of R&R to try to sear the raw meat throat. It looks like I will be hitting the sack before 9 tonight.
I was going to upload a picture of the scarf I made mom, since I gave it to her monday. But either blogger or my dial up decided not to cooperate. I will post it when I feel like sitting here waiting a half hour.
I forgot to take a pic of what I made my bro in law. I sweated bullets on this one, but it turned out pretty good. Maybe I can get mom or sis to take a pic of him with it.
Temp is up, so I am outta here.
Merry Christmas to all my family and friends. Love you all!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Day

It snowed at my house today!!! Look close at the pictures and you can see white streaks. That's snow flakes falling!!

The weather forcast last night said we had a wee chance before 9am. By 10am I was disappointed. Then I happened to glance out a window as I passed by and noticed precipitation. It was spotty for a little bit....more sleet-like. Then it cut loose and big flakes fell. When I checked the weather site again, it said "unknown precipt". I guess snow is so rare here that they don't recognize it when it comes...LOL
In other news....Matt is excited about his new job at Sitel. He is in training until the 17th of january. After that he will make more per hour and qualify for incentives and bonuses. Keeping our fingers crossed that this works out for him. He needs good things to happen for him.
Almost have all my Christmas gifts bought or made. I have to go shopping monday for the last bits, then I am done. Well, except for the last couple of ones I am making and whatever I end up with more time to make.
Off for a nap now. All the morning excitement has worn me out. Rats....washed the sheets this morning and have to go make the bed before I can crawl in it.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

More Thanksgiving

I thought this was way too cute! Casey is pulling the garden cart, Brooklyn is pushing it, and if you look closely, you can see Jack in the cart. He loves getting in the cart and being pulled around, especially if Brooklyn is in with him. But obviously, he can ride alone.

And here is a wonderful picture of the love of my life. And yes, that is his usual riding gear. The only thing that changes is the shirt. Except that now he has his riding leather for cool weather.

I hope to have pics of the grands this weekend. They are supposed to be coming down friday night and staying until Sunday. The visit has been on, then off, then on again. I will prepare for them and believe it when I see them coming up the drive. Luckily I had bought some Christmas gifts for them the other day, complete with stockings and stuffers.
When the visit was called off the first time, I dug into my sewing room. I pulled things out and started culling and organizing. I need to get out the things to finish for Christmas. So today I am working my butt off trying to get some clean up done. This is in addition to the vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, and shopping I need to do. After offering to help, Kim took off out of town today on business. Now how did I know that was going to happen. Just for that, I will set him to vacuuming tomorrow. I still haven't drug out decorations. Don't know if I will have time to.
I got up a little before 7am this morning, turned on the porch light, and read the thermometer....10 degrees C!!!! Thank goodness it has warmed up a little so the dogs can take their high energy party outside. Great.....except they keep flying in the pet door, making a circuit through the house, then flying out again. Guess I had better check for scissors next round.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas came early

Kim, his dad, and I loaded up saturday and went christmas shopping. Long day! We split up when I had him drop me at mom's, then mom and I went shopping and had lunch.
Kim bought my gift....a dishwasher to replace the one that crapped out on me this summer. And no, I am not the type that has to have some fancy surprise fru-fru gift. I am tickled pink with the dishwasher.
We checked the mail before we headed home and a box came from the leather store. Kim's leathers for riding were here. He told me that he wouldn't install the dishwasher if he couldn't try his gear. So, you see him decked out, standing next to my dishwasher. The goofy grin was reaction to his dad, who was standing to the side of me. I don't know what they were smirking about.

With it turning off cool....cold front coming in....he got on Betty Lou and checked out the wind and cold resistance of the leathers. He says it works great! I got a picture of him just as he revved up to take off. Oh, and he had to shave for a job....H2S gas well. He is already growing the face hair back again. the dishwasher installed? No. Is it out of the box? No. Is it even in the house yet? No. Hmmmm
But I already have evil thoughts that have to do with leather chaps.
I finished knitting a little pink cap that goes with a little pink jacket. Got to get it washed and boxed up to mail. I have three, four other boxes to get packaged, sealed, and ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. Mom took me to a new store called Kirklands. I found some fabulous tote bags made of yummy upholstry material, lined, and trimmed in beads for $5.99 each! They have a zip pocket inside and close with velcro. I bought two of them to use as project totes. I love them!

I am still wiped out from yesterday. It was supposed to be cool, but I think we set a heat record instead....mid 80's. I got hot and sticky feeling. Add that to running around all day after not much sleep the night before and I am dragging today. So, Jack and I are going to go take a nap. I will post more later.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanksgiving pics

Shame on me for not updating....but I will tell you why I dread it sometimes. I picked out 4 pictures for today, lined them up , then hit upload. I then went and took a shower, complete with lotioning and potioning. Still not uploaded, so went back and scrubbed the toilet....still not uploaded. Blogging isn't easy on slow dial up and antique phone lines!
So, the pictures for today.....more will be added later...
We had Thanksgiving at Mom's house. None of us remembered to take many pictures. Hopefully Chris got more than I did. First up is my sister and my youngest son, Matt.

The next day, everyone showed up at my house for shooting sports. Deb's hubby, Robert had some new toys to try out. Below is Robert in the camo tshirt, Chris in the white tshirt, Casey is on the ground in front of him trying to hit the target (over in the trees), and Kim is hunkered down in the red shirt.

One of Robert's new toys is an authentic sword. It was duly ooh'd and ahh'd over, then Luke Skywalker...aka Chris....had to take a few swings with it. This is in Mom's backyard. Can you see the sword from the leafy background? It was wonderfully made and very balanced.

Next, back to my house where we see Gramps talking to Brooklyn in her mommy, Casey's, arms. That is me in the pink shirt.

It was a really great weekend and holiday. I will post more pictures later, including Kim on Betty Lou with Brooklyn.
This last sunday, Kim and I took a ride to the next town for lunch. It was very windy on the way over. We had a great meal, then went over to visit a friend we hadn't seen in years. While there, it started cooling off.....little did we know a front was blowing through. So it was a chilly ride back home. By evening, my head was stuffed up and my throat was getting sore. I discovered I hadn't taken my allergy med that morning and had blown pollen deep up my sinus's on the ride. I was sick as a dog the next day! But it was worth the bike ride.
Yesterday I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to clean the sunroom windows. I hate the windows in this house. I have to remove the two inside windows to clean the outside panes. But I got it done.....24 surfaces! While I was messing with them, I got another wild hair crossed and went looking for paint. Found a nice pale blue and proceded to paint the window walls between the sets of panes. I am very pleased with the results. Now I need to get out my paints and finish painting the trim I got for the windows and get them up. Then there is the de-texturing of the walls.....and painting the icky brass chandelier....and ....and....I can get in over my head real easy here.
In the meantime, I have been busy knitting. I can't say much because they are christmas gifts. One of them is of alpaca....Queensland Llama Seta. I love the feel of this stuff and I know the recipient will love it....but it is a bugger with lace. I have got to leave my personal projects alone and cast on the gifts for my sis and bro in law, but in testing the pattern, it gave me some fits, so have been putting it off.....gotta get to it now!! to read more blogs. I do more blog reading than posting. I love reading them. Guess that makes me nosey.