Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I spent half an hour on a post and lost it. Now I have to start over. Well folks, it won't be as chatty as the one I just lost in cyberspace! And now I have to wait on McAfee update to be able to upload any pictures.
We were visited last week by a nice White tailed buck in our yard. Kim says he was about 8pts. I wish my fancy-schmancy Sony Cybershot took as good of pictures as my old Mavica, but it has too many fancy toys to be useful. So, I have to be content with no closeups.

Also, we hadn't had any quail in a few years. This other picture is of a Bobwhite in the backyard. I counted 8 of the little critters crossing my drive the other morning. Maybe they are on their way back in.

That is critter-cam for now. I'll be back with flower-cam later.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Great Pumpkin update

I did some research on Mr. Pumpkin (thanks Mom), and found out he is a regular Rufus Hummingbird. They spend most of their summer season on the Washington/Oregon coastal area. So he really is pretty far from home for so soon in the summer. I got a really good picture of his back this morning. You can really tell he is orangey all over....which distinguishes him from one of the other types that is similar. The second picture is a nice shot of him from the front, along with a female Black-chinned.
For some really great hummer pics and id, check out

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Visit of the Great Pumpkin

I was visited today by a neon orange hummingbird. My neighbor was here when I looked out the window and saw pumpkin orange at the feeder. So we spent the next hour with both our cameras in hummer faces. They were a little peeved at first, but very soon ignored us for the most part. I will post pictures that she took as soon as she sends them to me. She says she got some that show his colors real well backlit. We were told he is a Colorado Rufus and not supposed to be here. I am in Southwest Central Texas...north of Del Rio, which is on the Mexican border. This little pumpkin is really lost! He was quite aggressive at the feeder, but the girls soon put him in his place. I am thrilled to be host to this rare little guy.