Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Latest Doings at Foxdraw

Spring is trying to come out here. The purple plum tree is blooming it's little head off and things are leafing out all over.
Due to the drought, I have one lone bluebonnet. I have even put up a picture of what most of the thin stand of bluebonnet plants look like right now. By now, they are usually quite big and have buds all over them. But this year the few that came up are still very small. There are places in the Hill Country that are whining about drought, but have huge stands of bluebonnets. It irks me to hear that since they don't know what drought is apparently.
I have also posted a picture of my new rose bed. The three bushes that I planted in it have been in barrels the past few years and needed to spread their roots or they would die. In the corner is the Belinda's Dream. The middle climber is a Lavender Lady (or Lassie, can't remember). The one on the right is Reine Des Violettes (I probably misspelled that).
We have had a rig drilling up at the service road. This picture is of it from my front porch. It moved the other day....a few hundred yards to the left. At least the wind isn't out of the north now or it would be noisey here.
My mom is having knee replacement surgery friday, so I will be at her house all next week. All my projects are put on hold once again. Probably by the time I can get back to them, it will be time for Kim to come home. Why do I even make plans?
By the way, Kim is in Siberia again. It isn't spring there. He has sent me pictures of snow on the ground. If I get a chance this week, I will post a picture he took from his motel room. Maybe this time I will get something from Russia besides shampoo and paper money. Hoping for some kind of textile and my friend a set of stacking dolls. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

where are the pics of you? Have you started cleaning out your dining room yet? I know a place you can drop it off....:)