Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What an Awful Mess!!!

This morning, around 11 or so, my father in law came over with the mail he had gotten in town and asked if I noticed the fire. I hadn't. The UPS man later told me it was a fire in the mud pit of a drilling rig across the interstate. I thought I would post some pictures of the mess for Kim.

There were many booms and whoomps all afternoon. It would seem to die down, then I would hear a boom or whoom, look up, and see new black or white plumes. The local fire department is monitoring it to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Around 3, it seemed to die down. Then about 4pm......a big blast sound, and this....

My camera is a disappointment on long range shots. You may not be able to pick it out, but the rig is just to the left of the plume. Also, I didn't catch it just right, but when I took the last shot, there were flames shooting high enough in the air that I could see it from a mile away and over trees and hills.
As I finish up this post at 5:25, the black smoke is still going. If it burns after dark, I will be able to see the flames.

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