Sunday, July 10, 2005

Health Update

First off....I think I finally have the settings where anyone can post a comment. I didn't know it wasn't set up right until my sister let me know she was unable to fire off a smart-ass remark. Can't have that,eh? to try to explain what happened to me the past week. On tuesday, June 28th, I thought I had come down with a virus. I was thrilled when Kim was able to come home a few days later to take care of me. I can't recall, but thursday or friday, I went in to see Dr. Di. She gave me some antibiotics to make sure I didn't have an infection anywhere and instructions to come back if not better in a couple of days. Sunday morning, I was so weak that i could barely stand, so Kim called Di at home and she had him take me into the ER. Dr. Johnson was on call, and ran a fluid IV, painkiller, and did bloodwork. Di came in to check on me just before I was sent home a couple of hours later. I had perked up a little bit that evening, but was still very pale and puney. Tuesday morning, Kim took me in to see Di about the blood test results. No sign of infection or virus, but liver enzymes were high. So, given no choice but to go into the hospital and have tests run.
While in the hospital, they took lots of blood, did a sonogram on nearly every organ I have, and numerous xrays. Also, by then I had taken on a yellow cast to my skin. I never thought to look at my eyes to see if they were yellow. But by the next afternoon, I felt well enough to go home. I took it easy for a couple of days, then by saturday morning, I woke up feeling normal for the first time in almost two weeks. I go back Monday morning for the results of the blood tests that they had to send off.
Bottom line, so far, is that I may have drug induced hepatitis. I was taken off the Lipitor I have taken for 5 or 6 years, and Celebrex, which I have taken for about 3 years. I will find out monday just exactly what it is, but for now the idea is that it will resolve itself in time, like Mono.
I guess from the IV fluids, I came home weighting about 5 lbs heavier than when I went into the hospital. Today I have gotten not only that fluid off, but lost a few more lbs. I have been on Lipitor because, no matter how much weight I dropped, nor how proper I ate, my cholesterol would not come down. It is going to be a real battle to eat right for me while Kim is home wanting to eat all the bad foods. He should go on a low cholesterol, low trigliceride diet also, but he refuses.
Meanwhile, the heat continues down here. I have had storms roaming all over the place the past few days and everyone has gotten rain but me. Not one drop! I have got to get outside this morning and water plants before they all die.
Have a good one!

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Pat said...

Hi's me Pat aka Chipturtle. :)
Just reading your blogger.
I started a blogger but have nothing on it. When I get it going will send you the URL to it.
I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing here. My husband was on Lipitor for years. Then he had the stroke and they changed it. Well must go surf a bit.
See ya in Cozies!

Pat ~chipturtle