Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I spent half an hour on a post and lost it. Now I have to start over. Well folks, it won't be as chatty as the one I just lost in cyberspace! And now I have to wait on McAfee update to be able to upload any pictures.
We were visited last week by a nice White tailed buck in our yard. Kim says he was about 8pts. I wish my fancy-schmancy Sony Cybershot took as good of pictures as my old Mavica, but it has too many fancy toys to be useful. So, I have to be content with no closeups.

Also, we hadn't had any quail in a few years. This other picture is of a Bobwhite in the backyard. I counted 8 of the little critters crossing my drive the other morning. Maybe they are on their way back in.

That is critter-cam for now. I'll be back with flower-cam later.

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Anonymous said...

Just visited your blog for the first time. Very good! I am proud of you. Mom