Thursday, May 11, 2006

Biker Chicks and Harley Babes

Last weekend, Gramps had some beautiful blonds on his bike. What a lucky guy!!
We got to keep the grandgirls for 4days and 3 nights. Autumn wasn't too sure of the whole thing after the first ride, but she happily jumped on for the next two rides. Hannah took to the bike like a duck to water. That one is fearless.....which may not be such a good thing.
The girls also went nuts over the Bean. I happened to get a good picture of Hannah holding Bean. Bean isn't used to that much attention and was quite nervous. Poor dog had been abused as a puppy, so it is slow going getting her used to regular doggy life around here. Recently she has started to play with me and play with the soft doggy toys. I caught her last week upside down wrestling a big teddy bear.
Anyway, back to the grands. We had a really good weekend. They are easier to manage now that they are older. On Sunday afternoon, Gramps took them to the Caverns. They loved it but were hot and tired by the time they got back. When they pulled in, I had a bathtub full of warm water, bubbles, and a flashing duck floating around. They were in a good mood when they finished their bath.
Today Kim took off to our nieces nursing school graduation. I stayed home because I was too worn out from 4 days of non-stop girls. Did I mention that I lost 5lbs while they were here? Kim should be back saturday, then take off for a job on sunday.
Meanwhile.....I am dragging out fabric and machine to get some upholstry projects done. The sooner I get them done, the sooner I can start trying to sort out the rat's nest of a sewing room.

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