Monday, June 26, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation

So......the sewing room desperately needed reorganizing. With the hospitalization last summer for drug induced hepititis, I felt horrible for over 6 months before, then for over 6 months afterword. This means too tired to do anything, and no creative sparks. The sewing room got messier and messier. On top of that...a couple of new dogs in my life over the past year or two decided that the sewing room was a good place to pee and poop. The carpet was a mess no matter how many times I steam cleaned it. Also, nobody likes a sewing room with carpet in it. You can't roll your chair, and it is a doozy if you drop a pin.
Clearing stuff out has been a huge chore. I would pull out a batch of stuff, rip up the carpet and padding, then lay a couple of rows of tile and arrange things on the new tiled area and start over on the next area to tile. The tile I am using is made of flip flop material, slightly textured, that interlocks together like a jigsaw puzzle. I have only one small section in front of the door to do yet. First I have to empty and move a large pie safe. As you can see in the top picture, the dining room is piled. In fact, it is more piled than in that picture right now. This has gone on for two weeks and looks like it will be at least another week before I get a grip on it. Especially since I am exhausted and sore. It has also been too hot to move. The last couple of days have been under 100 degrees and wonderful!
I just got a call from my satelite provider. Seems they think we shouldn't be receiving our local stations. I need to find out who to call to defy them to come to my house and tell me how to get local tv stations without a satelite. Not just challenge them.....defy them! Otherwise, I will sit here in bad weather totally clueless as to if I need to watch for tornadoes or hail, or damaging winds. No other way of knowing out here.
I have more to update on, but have run out of time. Also, with my slow dialup, it takes forever to upload a couple of pictures....if it will at all. So, more pics coming.

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