Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jack and Cheree

Jack is happy cuz it's his 3rd birthday! We don't know exactly when he was born because Chris found him by the side of the road outside Hobbs, New Mexico. But we decided to make his birthday on the 4th of July. This seems appropriate since the other New Mexican I know has her birthday on the 4th.
I would post a picture of Cheree....but I cherish my life.
Happy Birthday Jack and Cheree!!!

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Che'ree said...

Ahhh...yes! First, thank you for the birthday greeting!!! Second, it was so wise to refrain from trying to post a picture of me but I'm not too worried about don't have one..or do you?
I got an awesome birdhouse, a birdfeeder that lookes like a log cabin...too cool!! And the other gift was something that only you would understand why I was so excited about...I got a 2WHEEL wheelbarrow!!! YeeHaw! No more tipped over loads no more fighting to get over rocks etc...LOL. I know it is an odd thing but it is what I wanted !!!
Are we on "Kim coming Home" countdown yet?....
And I am so glad that pitiful looking puppy has the same birthday as me...LOL!!!