Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Missy Turns 13

Happy Birthday Missy
I got busy yesterday and neglected to wish my old girl a happy birthday. Missy turned 13 tuesday. When my friend, Judy E, gave her to me, Kim got home from work, spotted the new kitten and asked "What the hell is that?". Yep, rocket scientist, isn't he. But she took on a special job when I had to undergo chemo and lost my hair. She started sleeping curled around my head to keep me warm. It was years before she gave that up, only doing it in winter now.This year she seems to have developed arthritis. This past winter she was in pain quite a bit, but hasn't had much of a problem with the coming of warm weather.I thought the picture of Tigger, Missy, and Lucy all together catching sunrays, was especially cute. That is my fuzz crew.Also in her old age, she is getting mellow. Kim has called her Hell Cat for a few years now. You could be petting her and suddenly, without warning, she would turn on you and slash. She was especially bad with Kim at that. Now she seeks out pettings and purrs a lot more.I think a lot of her bad attitude has to do with two things......her birth defect (a tail that curls back on itself that she has a bad habit of catching on things), and her being raised with the two boys. Boys being boys, they liked to tease her sometimes. But they love the old cat and she loves them, in spite of it all. I have a picture over 10 years old, of Chris napping in the middle of the living room floor with Missy snuggled up to his leg with her legs wrapped around him.Happy Birthday my dear buddy

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Happy Birthday Missy from Memaw