Saturday, August 12, 2006

Postus Interruptus

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, but I have an excuse. I spent the first week of August getting stuff crammed back into the sewing room and getting the pet fur rolls rounded up and corralled. On sunday, the 6th, the grandgirls came for the week. That day, also, Kim took off for OK to test a tool and was gone till thursday night. So I had two high energy little girls all by myself for 5 days. It also worked out that we had them until the next sunday. Autumn and Hannah and I had some really good times, and a few bad incidents. Kim and I both were glad to hand them over to their mother. I did finally tell their mom that I won't keep both of them at the same time again until the youngest grew up a bit. Her 7th birthday is today, but she behaves like a 2 year old much of the time. I have no problem keeping one at a time, but for my physical and mental health....not both for a few years.
I started feeling human again about wednesday, but the thing that usually follows fatigue and stress for me popped up at 10:20 thursday afternoon.....a cold sore. Smearing Zovirax every time I go into the bathroom, so it is staying under control. The spooky part is that it is on the right side of my upper lip. I have always popped mine up on the left side of my upper lip....with scar to prove my point. It is doing so well though, that I felt comfortable going in town this morning to cruise the craft booths at Sutton County Days. I wore my new "tude" shirt and got three compliments before I got 50 foot in the fray. It is the shirt with the duck on the front that says "Shut the duck up".
I will try to put pictures up this next week. Got a few good ones to share.

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