Monday, October 30, 2006

Camp Crochet

Only four pictures from Camp Crochet this time. It took me an hour just to get these to download. Of course, me being the great photographer that I am......I present my sister's butt, a fuzzy weird look on Sheryl's face, and most of the butts in Freeform class. The cover of Life magazine is my next artistic assignment, can't you tell?
I have got to try using the camera that Kim gave me that he used to use. Mine will not take good shots. Most of the ones I took in Austin are fuzzy. I will try to upload the few that weren't fuzzy in the next couple of blogger and my slow dial up allow.
Camp in Austin was an absolute blast! I have always done my crafts in a vacuum. Most of the time, my sister was the only one to share with. I have spent 16 years in an isolated area with one friend that does all the needlework that I do. When my sister sent info about a whole weekend full of fellow crocheters....sharing, learning....I jumped at the chance. It was so worth the three hour drive there, the creep on the highway after dark on the way home, and the week it took me to recover. I am still trying to remember names and so wish I could live closer to them all.
Saturday was spent mostly in a class taught by Margaret Hubert. For a New Yorker, she is a wonderful person and so much fun to be around. Deb and I learned a whole new technique that we can hardly wait to do projects in. It has me digging in my stash, looking for yarns to combine.
One of the best parts of the whole weekend was the Sunday lunch. We had a fashion show, then the drawing for prizes. To my total astonishment, I won a beautiful purse made by one of the most talented members. It was felted grapes and leaves and had won a blue ribbon at the State Fair for the maker. Cher had named it "Vino". The beautiful purse made it's first outing Sunday when I took it to church.
I am already looking forward to next year. More pictures later.....and a couple of projects I have done recently.

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Ma Titwonky said...

Camp Crochet sounds awesome! I am an avid knitter and crocheter and love reading blogs on these topics as well as seeing the projects of others.

Thanx for visiting my place and for commenting. :)