Thursday, November 02, 2006

More inspiration from Camp Crochet

Since I don't know the ins and outs of blogger yet, the pictures and captions will probably be hit or miss. I have no control over which picture ends up in what order once my entry uploads. So, here goes. Margaret Hubert was our guest teacher at Camp. She has written numerous books and patterns for knit and crochet. What she taught us that weekend was Freeform crochet. We worked on a handbag, but the examples she brought to show us were breathtaking. The first two pictures (hopefully) are of the mesh jacket with fringey accents. This was a big hit! She wore it to lunch and I noticed the ladies at a table behind her were fascinated with it.

The other breathtaking garment she showed was the long black vest. This one was of mostly black and gold yarns and threads. On this one, she included knitted pieces also. Below is a picture of the back, which shows the butterfly at the top of it. The other two pictures are of her demonstrating a stitch, and of her in another red jacket, different from the first one that caused such a stir.

I wish I knew hot to hotlink, I would include a clickable address to her website. For now you will have to cut and paste

Hmm...maybe it will hotlink after all....we shall see when it uploads.
I bought two of her books from her, having her autograph them. Then I found the one on Freeform when my sister and I hit the Hobby Lobby in Austin. It has been fun going through my knit and crochet magazines, finding her designs. Margaret was an absolute delight to be around.....for a New Yorker....LOL and all us Texans loved her accent.
It took me about 45 minutes to upload these pictures. That means that you will have to wait for the pictures of lunch and the Fashion Show on the last day. I didn't get any uploaded yesterday because I took two dogs in for a teeth cleaning. Their breath was getting more than I could handle being in the same room with. Luv and Jack are more pleasant to be around now, but after discussing the problem with my vet, we agreed that the smell and weight loss may be due to the store in my town not carrying Iams crunchy dog food anymore, so the dogs have been eating Beneful crunchies the past month or so. Their little systems can't take anything but pure food now. So, I will be making a shopping trip to the city friday....picking up a big sack of dog food and other things I can't get in my town.
Oh, and it turned off cool today. A cold front blew in last night, forcing me to bring in plants and cover up what I couldn't bring in. There was a frost warning out a little over 50 miles north of me, but I don't think we got below 40 degrees last night. If we did, it was a momentary touch. It has been wonderfully cool today. The air was cool enough that Jack couldn't keep his head out the window on the way into town. I have thoroughly enjoyed I should...because it will warm up again to the upper 70's in a few days. If we hold our mouths right, we may get some rain this weekend. Catch ya later with more Camp pics, plus a few pictures of Kim's and my 30th anniversary trip to the mountains. This will be followed by my latest projects.
Until then.....Doggy Supper Time!

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