Thursday, December 07, 2006

Losing a part of the family

This is my dear late mother in law and her precious dog, Luv. Luv was named for the lady that Ruby got Luv and I got my dog, Mouse from. We lost Ruby in 2003, and since Luv and Mouse were sisters, Luv came to live with us.
Luv has enjoyed a rich, full life. She is very intelligent and very loving. About a month ago, she started losing weight and her breath was awful. Since Jack's breath was nasty too, I took them both to the vet to have their teeth cleaned and Luv checked. The vet drew blood and we got the results a few days later. Luv was in Chronic Kidney Failure. We put her on a special diet and medication, thinking she could pull out of it since she was still a healthy weight and very active. The fantasy lasted another week, then she lost more weight and started turning her nose up at the food.
Now she is nothing but skin and bones. Yesterday she quit eating and drinking completely. I can't put her to sleep yet until Kim comes home to help me. So today I went in and picked up a couple of feeding syringes and some liquid diet from the vet. Every couple of hours, when she is alert and walking around, I feed her some from the syringe. She spends most of her time on a pad next to me on the computer. I couldn't believe it when this morning, she and Jack took a walk up the road and back. If I can keep some nourishment in her, she may be able to do that again tomorrow. But I somehow doubt it. Her kidneys no longer function apparently, and she is being slowly poisoned to death. The smell is almost more than I can handle when I feed her.
Since Kim is coming home tomorrow, I can handle her dying peacefully in her sleep tonight. Otherwise, we will take her in together on monday. My prayer is for a quiet passing this weekend. My heart is broken as it would be easier not to have to take her into town.
I have to go blow into a few tissues now and go check on her.

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