Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Room is Finished

First, you walk in the the left and turn east, or left. The walls are a color called Contentment. It is the color of sunshine against the wall. The east wall will house my antique cabinets, the wardrobe and pie safe that were my great grandparent's. The short wall is on the south. It will eventually have a huge storage cabinet built in from wall to wall...floor to ceiling.
Now you turn to the right. That is the storage cabinet wall to the left. This is the west wall. It has an outlet strip almost completely across it. It will house all my sewing machines and sergers. These pictures were taken before we got the windows trimmed out. How about that floor!
Now turning right again, this is the north wall and the northwest part of the west wall. The window on the north wall will be set up for the cats and dog to watch out the window.
Now we turn right again and are back at the door and the east wall that is the house end. You will see the ironing cabinet mounted in the next set of pictures. Also, the door is painted eggplant now. In this shot you can also see the track lighting. I love this lighting setup. The track is flexible and the lights can be aimed in any direction. Also, I can add more lights to the track.
But now starts the hardest work of loading everything in it and organizing it. The next day, when I started putting my stuff in the room, Kim walked in and said "I can already tell that I made the room too small". Ummm, yep!
Next post will be of the total mahem in the room.

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litl sis said...

hmmm-an old gospel comes to mind-no, not Amazing Grace...
"O Happy Day, O happy day, when we could walk across the living room...."