Friday, July 13, 2007

What it looks like now

I am trying to load my room now. I have a ton of stuff in there now and need to start organizing. But I stand in there totally confused as to what I should do first. I keep having to walk away to clear my head. So, now for the tour and you can see the reason for my confusion.

You walk in the door and turn to the left, as before. I managed to get the wardrobe in there, but the pie safe is coming apart and we have to put it back together before I can do anything with it. In the corner is part of my fabric and sewing stash. A minor part.
Now turn right. This is the west wall where the machines will be set up, except for the back wall which will be storage cabinet. The corner is stacked with yarn. There is a large table hiding behind the cart. It will be my cutting table that sets in the middle of the room.
Turning right again....the north part of the machine wall and the north wall. You can see my fabulous air conditioner set in the wall. I love my A/C. Behind the rocking chair is the cedar trunk I made in Jr. High. It will be the pet seat.
This is back toward the door. The door looks black, but is a deep eggplant. I was going to paint the room some light color of lavender, but fell in love with the pale creamy yellow, so had to have purple somewhere. The corner with the white bookcase is my yarn corner. I hope to have it set up with yarn, books and magazines, and the rocking chair to knit or crochet in. You can see the ironing board cabinet opened up
See....told you that was the pet seat. Missy has already moved in. She loves the peace and quiet in there right now, sleeping in the sunshine.
Well, that's the room as it stands right now. I have tons of work to do. One thing is the trim you see around the windows. It has flower embossing that you can see partially painted in the cat picture. I found my paints, so need to finish painting the flowers. Then I will put on a coating of white wood stain. I need to get out a piece of leftover trim and decide if I want to sand it a bit before putting on the stain, or not.
I still have a storage room full of tubs of fabric and still furniture and bookcases with fabric to put in.


lit'l sis said...

ok, breathe...there now, better?
1)Groovy 2)"Do the next indicated thing" Pearl S. Buck 3)catagorize-looks like your going great guns there 4)pick a spot and make it lovely, that will invigorate the rest 5)If that is the trim with roses, then, no, it doesn't need sanding. I've done about 10 pieces now and haven't sanded anything. Get on with it. You'll thank yourself later. Love IT!

chris said...

Seeing the "before" and then the "after" is hilarious.