Saturday, July 31, 2010

I had a house and lost it

I want out of this stinking hellhole...badly. I love my house, but neighbors have made it stressful to live here. So after discussing it with Kim, I started hunting. My sister found this one. It has 6 bedrooms and over 6 wooded acres, just a few blocks from a lake. The house is huge, the yard is wonderful. It needs painting inside and out, a few fixups, and the yard hasn't been touched in a couple of years. It was priced over 50k under what it would be valued at if it were in top form. Two problems knocked me out of my dream home. Hubby balking, and the bank ignoring me. The bank said we were approved for a loan on the needed amount, but I couldn't get the prequalifying letter from them. I picked the loan officer that was too busy and had her head too far up her behind to be bothered to do anything in a timely manner. She never would return my calls and despite telling her exactly what I needed, she still questioned me.
So now we are a back up bid in case the other one doesn't go through. I will not say anymore about how I feel about this except that I am heartbroken. I found the home of my dreams and it was taken from me. I really resent people who tell me that something better will come along. I don't believe that for a second. I am stuck in this hellhole, the butthole of Texas and if I don't stop now I will be crying again.
Oh, and right now there is yet another Mexican Polka party going on. Going to be a real peaceful evening, I can already tell.

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