Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Home

This has been quite an adventure so far. Drama, heartache, physical pain, emotional pain, joy, a thrill ride. We found the house of our dreams. Well, honestly, we never dreamed of finding a house like this. It is what Kim and I have always loved. The story of it is long, so I will just do a digest of it right now and give you pictures.
We found it in the Hill Country, just a couple of miles outside of New Braunfels. It is in a subdivision called Pleasant Valley, on a road called Pleasant Lane. Perfect. We  just got the inspection on it, which of course, showed problems that we now have to work out with the seller.
 Welcome to 151 Pleasant Lane. It is built in the typical German Texas style with limestone and rustic posts. There are lots of large trees and tons of cute details.
 When you walk in the front door, you see the living room, dining room and around the corner is the kitchen. Right in front of the door is the staircase which will be in another post. To the left of the stairs is an office and half bath.
 This is the dining area. I love the huge windows and wood clad ceiling.
 The kitchen is fantastic. I like that the cabinet doors are beadboard type. The door at the far end is a very large butler's pantry with plenty of storage. And the kitchen isn't cut off from the rest of the house. Hurrah!
 Just outside the door of the dining room is a covered patio and gazebo! I can see drinking my morning coffee on that gazebo.The yard is a dream. As a gardener, I am going to have a blast here!
Look to the left of the previous picture, and there is a hot tub. Divine. The swing you see overlooks a small pond that is full of water lilies and frogs. I will have to get some koi to keep the pond clean. The deck edge you see on the left is off the added on Master Suite that will house Kim's dad. It is perfect for him...large and with a room set up to be a kitchenette.
We are set up to take possession on the 27th of this month. I hope all goes well. I think we will be very happy here. More pictures will be posted later, but I wanted to get some highlights on here now.

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Kathleen said...

Otter.........I am soooooooo jealous.and happy for you.......I will come visit as soon as you move in,we can work the garden together....God is blessing you girl