Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Matt

Wedding...Brides Family....sept 3, 2005....Midland/Odessa, Tx
Aaron (grandpa), Jared(bro), Martha(grandma), Kirby(dad),Penny(mom), Bride Jana, Groom Keith, Kim(uncle), Cyndye (aunt), Matt(cousin), Kathy(aunt), Kathy's daughter, who I can't recall her name. Chris, our oldest son,took the picture, so isn't in it.
Today is Matt's 22nd birthday. Kim called him this morning and invited him down for grilled steak, strawberries and cake (his favorite), an oil change, and parts put on his car door. Tomorrow I will take him to lunch after I see Kim off at the airport. He begins his long flights to Russia in the morning. Technically....he is going to Siberia. We don't know how long he will be gone, but his return flight is for Oct. 14th. The jobs are lined up to the end of october. We'll see.
I will have more time to update after he leaves.

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