Monday, January 23, 2006

Hanging my head in shame

Poor little blog. It has been so neglected the past couple of weeks. But hey, I am practicing for old age since my last blog was right after my birthday. It's pretty bad when hubby even notices I am behind on entries and emails me. At least he emailed me when he was out of town and not sitting in the other room.
I do have a good excuse. I got felled by the crud again. Just as I was starting to recover I went down again. Then when I started feeling better, I had to spend a day shopping. That always puts me down for a day or two. So, I am back up again...even scrubbed toilets the other day. You know you are going to live when you feel like scrubbing toilets. Too bad I did it the day after I put on nail polish for the first time in months.
I think I mentioned that Kim's boss brought me silk back from his trip to China. I have got to get a picture of it to post here. I have it sitting on the dining table right now so I won't forget it. Well, it has been sitting there for two days no promises. It is really beautiful stuff. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.
So this is what we call in the south a lick and a promise. Which means I will be back with more interesting things later.

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