Saturday, January 28, 2006

Rain....well, maybe....and life isn't fair sometimes

I open up today with a picture of my oldest sons' girlfriend. Believe it or not, she is hard at work in this picture. We should all have such hard jobs,eh? And yes, that is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith that she is standing behind. No, it's not a poster. Personally I couldn't have done that pose without my hand creeping to....well, use your imagination. She and Chris had close up seats at the Aerosmith concert in San Antonio the other night.
You know what bites the worst? Besides me not getting to be there.....after the promotional photo shoot, Mr Tyler gave her a kiss. She not only wounds me....she was thoughtful enough to rub salt in the wound.

Seems Texas got rain today. I think I got some. My rain gauge was damp in the bottom. I think it was just enough to rehydrate the gauge. There were actual puddles in town, but that doesn't help me one bit.
So....I got out my datebook from last year and tried to find the last time I got any rain down here. I had to go all the way back to October 13 when I got an inch and 2 tenths. This really chaps when I have to watch news out of Dallas and they whine about not having any rain since mid December and how dry it is there. Oh, poor things. They have another chance this week. I have no idea when our next chance comes.
I am still downed by allergies. Of course, a good rain would help clear things up for me. I am hoping that what little we got will put me back on my feet. I have to keep a cough medicine with codeine beside my bed in order to sleep. I even had to take some just to take a nap. I am so ready to be through with the snot, drainage, coughing and energy drain.

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