Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finishing the house tour

 This is the huge master suite that will be Aaron's apartment (Kim's dad). The open door on the right leads to a huge walk in closet. To the right of the picture is french doors to the deck.
 This is his bathroom. Very elegant. At the right is a very nice shower and the vanity is behind the wall.
 This is what sold us on the house. To the left of the bed, opposite the closet is this room. Sink, storage, set up for microwave, and on the left side is enough room to put him a refrigerator and apartment sized stove. WIN!! He lives with us, but separate in his own little apartment!! He is excited. I can hardly wait for him to see it.
 This is his own little porch deck. That is his door outside.
 This is what you see when you go through the front door. The stairs. To the left is the office and half bath. Not sure about the intense blue of the stairwell and the upstairs hallway. We'll see.
 This is in the living room looking toward the kitchen and the backdoor.
 And looking from the kitchen wall toward the living room. I do not like the green in the room. Will be repainting it first thing. It was originally the same color as the dining room.
 This is the office to the left of the stairs. Nice storage closet. I can see my desk in there and books lining the walls. The red will have to's just that one wall and is a bit jarring.
 Sadly, this is the only spare room until Matt gets to move out. This will be my studio, but I am sure family will want me to make it a guest room. sigh. It's not very big. Closet is decent sized, but nothing like I need.
 This will be Matt's room. It's larger than the other room and I can't talk him out of it. There is another small room off of it. I already know he will want to paint it a different color.
 This is a view of Kim's and my bedroom. It is set up as a nursery right now. The living room color can wait, I have to paint over this pink! I love how the small tray ceiling is trimmed out with decorative wood! It has a bathroom off of it. Nothing to write home about.
And I leave you with a view of the front door. I am crazy about the decorative wood beams and that fab door! In less than a month from now, I will be living there, trying to figure out where to put my furniture. I can hardly wait!

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WOW otter.what a nice happy for you......looks so open and airy...... Kathleen