Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tomorrow and Yesterdays

I have to get up and get going early tomorrow. Father-in-law and I need to leave town before 8am to make the closing at 11. We will meet Kim there, sign our lives away, then take possession of our new home. This whole thing has been very rough. Not just all of the work involved with buying a house, but the details of changing addresses, utilities and such after 20 years in one place, but also of packing up our lives single-handedly. I am so very thankful that Kim will be here next week to help. He has a lot of stuff to pack himself, go through, and help his dad pack.
I have been thinking of our 20 years here. Of the home I loved until it became no longer my solitude and escape. When the trash moved in and claimed our life, making it impossible to live here.
I will miss watching snow or rain fall on the distant landscape.
I will miss spring, watching everything come to life, blooming, and deer wandering in the bluebonnets.

I will look through pictures of my garden before the neighbor made it a dump/junk yard and hope that I can make my new yard bloom as well.

But I won't miss the dried up desolation of summer. The season that I battle to keep things alive. I will take a large portion of my plants with  me. Moving so late in the summer is good in that I can dig things up and they have a good chance of surviving. Heck, if I can make things grow in this little bit of clay over rock, I shouldn't have a problem transplanting to better ground.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the house. You did good. I believe this one is better than the first one. God is good!