Sunday, October 09, 2005

Good Saturday

This is my new garden cart. I have been wanting one for years, but not willing to shell out $200 for one. Cheree and I went to the city to pick up her truck yesterday. I was a little miffed that we didn't get up there until the yarn shop I wanted to go to was closed. But the trip more than made up for that when she called me on my cell just as I finished checking out at Wallyworld. She was next door at Lowe's, having a cart loaded in her truck and said there was one more. I told her to guard it as I was out the door. This little beauty only cost $70!!! It now lives at my house and I can hardly wait to drag it down to the draw and load up on those wonderful flat rocks down there.
I bought Kim a DVD/VCR to replace the one that went belly up on him. Got it for the same price as the cart, so we got equal gifts. Of course, he had to catch an early flight to Wyoming this morning, so hasn't gotten to set his player up. But,it will be here when he gets home next week. Then he can catch up on the SciFi programs, ER and Lost episodes he missed while in Russia.
The weather is perfect today but should turn off chilly again in the next day or two, so I am going to go open all the windows and enjoy it while I can.

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