Saturday, October 15, 2005

This Week

Blogger isn't allowing me to upload pictures this evening. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to show the hood I finished knitting Kim. I worked on it for about two weeks off and on. Learned some new tricks while working on it.
Since I last posted, we got rain on two different days, resulting in over 2 inches total. It has been cool enough that I haven't had to have the a/c on. My windows are open and fresh breezes are clearing the air in the house. It was funny watching the birds on the front porch while it was raining. They caught my attention with the noise. I watched them cheering happily as they splashed about in puddles.
With all the rain, I haven't gotten to play with my new cart yet. Things get a bit mucky around here when the clay is wet.
Kim didn't get to come home from Wyoming. Another string of jobs came up, so he had to fly from there to Shreveport, Louisiana. This next week he is supposed to be in Wetherford, then Canadian....clear across the state from where he is. I have a feeling these jobs aren't going to go on schedule. I am sure missing him.
Chris went to San Antonio again this weekend. He called a couple of times while there today. First time was to tell me that next weekend, he and Casey will meet up at my house. Argh! I haven't cleaned house in two weeks, with 5 dogs traipsing though and two days of rain, the house is a mess of tracked in dirt and dog hair. Then he calls back to ask if I can make a green cap for Brooklyn so she can be a strawberry for Halloween. As of this evening, I already have the pattern worked out, I cords made and knitted right into the edge of the cap and on my way. I will probably finish it tomorrow or at least by monday. It will be lightweight enough for our warm Halloween nights. Definately have to have a picture of baby in it!
Jack pulled a funny this evening. We had taken a late nap, so soon after I got up, it was time to feed. But Jack didn't show up. I thought he was outside until I heard a whining. I went looking for him and found him in my bed......wrapped up in the blanket and couldn't get out. What a clown!
Well, that's it for tonight. Pictures tomorrow if Blogger will allow it.

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