Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What a Weekend! Meet Casey and Brooklyn

Two delightful ladies spent the weekend at my house. My oldest son's fiance and her daughter met my son here on friday. This was our first meeting and I think it went very well. I just wish Kim could have been here. He was working up in the panhandle. He would have been enchanted by Brooklyn.
We sat out on the patio friday night. Watching stars, talking and laughing. We didn't go to bed till about 1am, so we slept in saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we went up to Angelo to Mom's house and to do some shopping. On Sunday, we got out a couple of handguns and did practice shooting. Casey hit more targets than I did. In fact, I don't think I hit the mark once. Everyone took off for home late in the afternoon. It was a wonderful weekend that I think went very well. I can hardly wait for Kim to meet the girls. Casey....come back soon!!!
I was surprised when Kim called monday afternoon and said he was on his way home. The job didn't go well, so they racked up the equipment and headed home. He got here before 8pm. I didn't sleep too well last night. It wasn't because I let Jack in bed with us. It was when I woke up for the upteenth time and discovered that my pillow was half off the bed and I couldn't get it back on. That was at 4:30 and it made for a long morning. I told Kim that tonight I would shove him back on his side of the bed rather than lose anymore sleep. The man has had queen sized beds in motel rooms to himself way too long!
We fired up Betty Lou this afternoon. I took pity on Kim and didn't wear the pink kitty cap I had knitted. But Kim took a picture of me in it with my goggles on. I promise to post it when he sends it to me....no matter how horrid. We rode into town for mail, cigs, and stopped of at the steakhouse for dinner. Then we took the long way home. It was a wonderful evening for a ride. It had warmed up enough for the air to be brisk but not cold. I have to drive into town tomorrow morning for dog food. It would have been difficult to haul a big bag of dog crunchies home on the bike.
I am worn out from not sleeping well last night and would go to bed early, but the Astro's are playing their first World Series home game. Now I don't care a rat's patootie for baseball, but can't help but get caught up in their first bid. Ninth inning and they are 5 and 5. So no bedtime till I know how it ends.

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Chris said...

Well...technically she's not my fiancee yet, but we won't split hairs on that deal.
There were certainly a lot of good laughs that weekend. The four of us were quite caught up in the merriment of Brooklyn's "acoustic" performance in the kitchen until the evidence landed on the floor. Heh, not much funniness after that.
I will always remember that weekend as one where Casey truly felt a part of my life. That weekend "sealed the deal" for her.