Thursday, October 06, 2005

Home from Russia

Kim landed about 11pm on Monday. Poor guy is having a bad case of jet lag. He finally got a few hours sleep last night. I am hoping he can get back on track soon. He sure is happy to be home.

He didn't know how or where to shop before the left Russia, so the pickings are slim as far presents go. Knowing I have a nice collection of foreign money, he was able to satisfy me with Russian Rubles. He had 300 rubles left in his wallet.....roughly equivelent to $30. He had coins, but they were stolen out of his bag in the Russian airport, along with a package of AA batteries.

He also brought home a big bar of Russian chocolate. Since this thing survived the long trip without melting, it definately isn't milk chocolate. He brought home a bottle of Pantene shampoo too. He needed shampoo there, went into the store to get some and just picked one off the shelf, without much help from the rude clerk. We have no idea what variety it is and the clerk treated him like some kind of moron for not reading Russian.

I will post how the chocolate tastes after we finally dig into it. It may go just right with a slow cooked roast that I have going for tonights supper.

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