Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Catching up with the week

Whew.....things finally slowed down and I am feeling human again. Life has been hopping since friday. I will put up pictures later, but right now too much to catch up on to download pics.

Friday: I had an appointment with my Internalist. I checked in at 10:30 and had a nice chat with a gentleman named Daniel while I waited. After he went in for his appt, I knitted on some fingerless mitts until I was called in at noon. Yes, and hour and half is a long wait, but Tamara takes time with her patients, so I don't mind the wait. After all.....she and I took an hour ourselves. We had a good talk about thyroid medications. Taking the new Ambien CR has been a godsend for me. I have actually logged 8 hours most nights, so am feeling less pain now. But I get up feeling rested, then the energy drains out of me. I have gotten to where I don't have to take naps, but the lack of energy sometimes drives me to one. Add that to the fact that I am getting nowhere fast on our town fitness challenge. This morning I registered yet another big goose-egg in the loss catagory. So, doc agreed to experiment. She wanted to try a synthetic, but I told her about reading that they don't work for all people and I would rather try Armour thyroid. So I left the office at 1pm with a script for 60mg.
I spent the rest of the afternoon running around the city getting shopping done. About 3pm, I realized I hadn't eaten since that morning and was getting very hungry. Hunger for me is not good. It almost always preceeds a low blood sugar episode. I whipped into Weinersnitzle and got a pepsi and a mustard dog with cheese. That tided me over until I headed home in the evening. When I got into town I stopped and got a Dude at the DQ, knowing I would be too busy once I got home to eat anything. Friday.....good for a least a 2 lb gain.
Saturday I ran into town in the morning to get the thyroid script filled. I made it in before 10am and the interstate was already shut down. I had to melt ice off the back window of the Explorer where it faces north...and scrape ice off my rear view mirror. The cold front had come in friday, but by saturday it had gotten bone chilling cold and the misty rain was freezing on the ground. Oddly enough, they had one westbound lane open on the interstate. It stayed closed until sunday morning late. We had a lot of big trucks going through town for a day and half.
Saturday evening I spent over an hour going through everything in my closet, trying to find something to wear to Diana and Eddie's wedding. Finally settled on a flannel skirt and a new tensel and cotton sweater I had gotten friday. The wedding was sweet and intimate. My heart sister is now Mrs. Arteaga....but still Dr. Green. I know at least twice in the past year I have told her she didn't have to change her professional name. I am glad she finally got that much settled.
After the ceremony at the church, I ran home to change into party gear, then back to town for the reception and party. It has been a few years since I got to visit with Di's family, so it was great catching up with them. They are a musical family, so they had a nice stage set up and played for their guests. Di's brother played fiddle and guitar, his fiance played guitar, Di sang, her new hubby Eddie played drums, her dad played guitar, as did her son. Most of the guests had a good time dancing. I don't know how to country dance, so I just enjoyed the show. Before it all started, Di and I were visiting at the goodies table and we dug into wedding cake. Di got a huge hunk of icing and urged me to get as big a slice as I wanted. She has always been such an enabler! I had to leave at 10pm due to fatigue setting in and I could feel my shoulders tightening up. Saturday's total had to be at least another pound or two gained.
Sunday morning I could barely get out of bed. I had taken a painkiller when I went to bed, but of course, it had worn off and I was paying for two days of solid going. It took a while before I didn't moan with every movement. It was still cloudy and cold, but at least no rain. I spent the day knitting on a purse....love cables!....and catching up on my email. That evening I fixed bbq roast leftovers with mashed red potatoes and mixed vegetables. This morning I weigh 4 lbs more than check in last week. I am a fitness challenge failure.
The evening was topped off when Mimi and the Bean (sounds like Binky and the Brain, but not as smart) came in smelling to high heavens. Well, Beanie came in stinking and got a bath while Kim hunted skunk. Mimi had to get a bath when she snuck in later. She knew what she was in for and didn't want any part of it. I won though. So everyone went to bed smelling sweet.
Well that is it for now. My connection wants to crater on me so I will try to save this before I lose the whole post.

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