Sunday, February 05, 2006

My little world

This is what is on my computer screen these days. If you don't know who he is, then you are very old...LOL

It is a bit cool this morning, so the dogs are seeking warm spots, preferably with sun beams. Here are the three terriers vieing for the same sunbeam. They had already kicked a cat out in order to take this spot over. These are the three high energy dogs that live at my house. Only the one in the middle is actually mine. The other two don't know they aren't mine.

And here is Jack in his favorite nap spot....well, favorite if he isn't snuggled in bed with me. He has a habit of getting up there and digging before he lays down. Don't know the reasoning behind the digging. Most dogs would turn around three times.
This picture reminds me that I really.....REALLY....have to get this chair recovered this spring.

I just discovered that I need to give Mouse a bath today. I am hoping it will warm up a bit this afternoon so she won't get a chill. She has a matting of something nasty on her back. It is right behind her shoulder blades where she can't reach. I tried to snip it off a bit, but it seems to be attached to her skin and there is raw skin under it. I can't figure out what is going on, but poured some peroxide over it to see if I can get it to loosen up a bit to scrub off later. That poor dog has more problems. Her nose is just now healing up good. It looked like something had stung her on the nose and a big blistery sore was there for a couple of weeks.
On top of that, it's time to start the vaccination rounds again. I never even got around to the cats and one cat is in pain. I need to take her in to see what is going on. She is 12 and I am afraid to find out what is causing her pain. Now, if I could just get the youngest son to support himself so I could take care of the animals around here........hint, hint.
BBQ brisket is in the oven for Superbowl noshing. So far all I have planned is mashed potatoes to go with it. Guess I will probably have salad and rolls to round it out. Ugh.....weigh-in is tuesday and I have already gained 3 lbs from eating supper out last night. Got to figure out how to give up food. Already barely eat enough to keep an anorexic alive and I never lose weight. Don't give me the song and dance about not eating enough. I gain if I eat regular meals, no matter how fat and calorie free it is. Such is the life when your doctors think you are a liar.

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