Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The face of a liar

Apparently, doctors have a special insight. They walk into a room with me and automatically peg me as a liar. It is rare for a doctor to actually believe what I say. This has resulted in 3 hospitalizations in the past 12 years. They don't believe me until I end up in the hospital with the problem. This also resulted in me being turned down for more life insurance. I will be sending off for the written decision in order to appeal it. But in the meantime, I will be taking the letter in to show the doctor that ignored me over the last problem which wound up with me in the hospital for drug induced hep.
Why the rant? Well, I always get depressed when it comes time for yearly checkups. Will I be bold enough to tell them I am fine? Then when they remark about it.....tell them that they wouldn't believe me anyway, so why bring anything up? What would happen then? Since they will be looking at a face they have pegged as a liar....why tell them anything. Maybe I really am a life insurance risk. Maybe one of the doctors the company contacted told them that I am a liar and bad risk.
The doctors have such creative ways of calling me a liar also. Do they get the monthly newsletter "New, creative ways to call your patient a liar".
One thing I have learned......honey, if you ain't textbook, then you are a liar.
End of rant for today. Maybe more later after I see the first of two docs for the month.

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