Thursday, November 10, 2005

Finally an update

My apologies to my readers. There has been so much going on and my brain is drained by evening, so haven't had the energy to post. But had to put up a pic or two of last weekend. Kim finally got to meet Casey and Brooklyn. This is a picture of Kim and Brooklyn in my Mom's backyard, hunting flowers. They got along quite well. But then, Kim gets along with babies anytime.
And here is Casey and Chris after they realized Mom was taking pictures of them smooching in the backyard. The girls also got to meet Matt and be regaled with stories from the oilfield by Kim. I think everyone had a good time and we are all looking forward to Casey and Brooklyn joining the family. In fact, Chris just got a job in San Antonio and will be moving in with Casey in a couple of weeks.
In other news....we had a warm spell. It is supposed to be fall, but we have been nearly 90 for the past week. A cool front blew in last night and made it pleasant today. I have two vases of mums that I brought in the house. A couple of years ago, I planted a purple mum plant. It hides behind the Mexican Petunia's, so I have to remember to hunt for them when bloom time comes. But as a result of competing for sun....they end up with nice long stems.
I have been weeding through my sewing room the past week. I think there has been over 8 sacks of stuff thrown out. I am starting to see some order taking place in there. It's going to get rough going when it gets down to having to finish some projects to get the room clean.
Kim won't be going to Russia after all. He needs to stay where he can be gotten hold of at least by cell phone and there is no phone or internet access on the job site there. So on Sunday he heads to a job in East Texas.
Meanwhile, I have been knitting away. Working on a couple of gifts, so can't detail them out here. Just hope they work out as it is something I have never done before. I have been really expanding my knowledge in knitting lately.
I haven't been sleeping very well lately,so I am off for a nap. Maybe I will post some pet pictures later. We have a new neighbor dog that I call Beanie Weanie. I got a picture of her the other day so will put that one up.


Chris, of interest to none said...

Good god! Of all the pics you post on your blog, you find the one of me where I managed to contort my face to closely resemble Franklin Roosevelt. How the hell that happened, I'll never know.
'Bout time you quit screwing around and updated your blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, at least they can't recognize you. Love you anyway. Mom