Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanksgiving pics

Shame on me for not updating....but I will tell you why I dread it sometimes. I picked out 4 pictures for today, lined them up , then hit upload. I then went and took a shower, complete with lotioning and potioning. Still not uploaded, so went back and scrubbed the toilet....still not uploaded. Blogging isn't easy on slow dial up and antique phone lines!
So, the pictures for today.....more will be added later...
We had Thanksgiving at Mom's house. None of us remembered to take many pictures. Hopefully Chris got more than I did. First up is my sister and my youngest son, Matt.

The next day, everyone showed up at my house for shooting sports. Deb's hubby, Robert had some new toys to try out. Below is Robert in the camo tshirt, Chris in the white tshirt, Casey is on the ground in front of him trying to hit the target (over in the trees), and Kim is hunkered down in the red shirt.

One of Robert's new toys is an authentic sword. It was duly ooh'd and ahh'd over, then Luke Skywalker...aka Chris....had to take a few swings with it. This is in Mom's backyard. Can you see the sword from the leafy background? It was wonderfully made and very balanced.

Next, back to my house where we see Gramps talking to Brooklyn in her mommy, Casey's, arms. That is me in the pink shirt.

It was a really great weekend and holiday. I will post more pictures later, including Kim on Betty Lou with Brooklyn.
This last sunday, Kim and I took a ride to the next town for lunch. It was very windy on the way over. We had a great meal, then went over to visit a friend we hadn't seen in years. While there, it started cooling off.....little did we know a front was blowing through. So it was a chilly ride back home. By evening, my head was stuffed up and my throat was getting sore. I discovered I hadn't taken my allergy med that morning and had blown pollen deep up my sinus's on the ride. I was sick as a dog the next day! But it was worth the bike ride.
Yesterday I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to clean the sunroom windows. I hate the windows in this house. I have to remove the two inside windows to clean the outside panes. But I got it done.....24 surfaces! While I was messing with them, I got another wild hair crossed and went looking for paint. Found a nice pale blue and proceded to paint the window walls between the sets of panes. I am very pleased with the results. Now I need to get out my paints and finish painting the trim I got for the windows and get them up. Then there is the de-texturing of the walls.....and painting the icky brass chandelier....and ....and....I can get in over my head real easy here.
In the meantime, I have been busy knitting. I can't say much because they are christmas gifts. One of them is of alpaca....Queensland Llama Seta. I love the feel of this stuff and I know the recipient will love it....but it is a bugger with lace. I have got to leave my personal projects alone and cast on the gifts for my sis and bro in law, but in testing the pattern, it gave me some fits, so have been putting it off.....gotta get to it now!! to read more blogs. I do more blog reading than posting. I love reading them. Guess that makes me nosey.

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