Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't's contagious!

My father in law brought something home with him from his Thanksgiving trip. Kim came down with it last week. I came down with it tuesday. Thank goodness I didn't get sick monday because I spent the whole day finishing up Christmas and other misc shopping. So now I get to nurse a slight fever, snot like there is no tomorrow, throat so sore that it is extremely painful to swallow, and body aches.
Nothing seems to help, so hubby poured me a couple of shots of R&R to try to sear the raw meat throat. It looks like I will be hitting the sack before 9 tonight.
I was going to upload a picture of the scarf I made mom, since I gave it to her monday. But either blogger or my dial up decided not to cooperate. I will post it when I feel like sitting here waiting a half hour.
I forgot to take a pic of what I made my bro in law. I sweated bullets on this one, but it turned out pretty good. Maybe I can get mom or sis to take a pic of him with it.
Temp is up, so I am outta here.
Merry Christmas to all my family and friends. Love you all!!!

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