Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Day

It snowed at my house today!!! Look close at the pictures and you can see white streaks. That's snow flakes falling!!

The weather forcast last night said we had a wee chance before 9am. By 10am I was disappointed. Then I happened to glance out a window as I passed by and noticed precipitation. It was spotty for a little bit....more sleet-like. Then it cut loose and big flakes fell. When I checked the weather site again, it said "unknown precipt". I guess snow is so rare here that they don't recognize it when it comes...LOL
In other news....Matt is excited about his new job at Sitel. He is in training until the 17th of january. After that he will make more per hour and qualify for incentives and bonuses. Keeping our fingers crossed that this works out for him. He needs good things to happen for him.
Almost have all my Christmas gifts bought or made. I have to go shopping monday for the last bits, then I am done. Well, except for the last couple of ones I am making and whatever I end up with more time to make.
Off for a nap now. All the morning excitement has worn me out. Rats....washed the sheets this morning and have to go make the bed before I can crawl in it.

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