Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas came early

Kim, his dad, and I loaded up saturday and went christmas shopping. Long day! We split up when I had him drop me at mom's, then mom and I went shopping and had lunch.
Kim bought my gift....a dishwasher to replace the one that crapped out on me this summer. And no, I am not the type that has to have some fancy surprise fru-fru gift. I am tickled pink with the dishwasher.
We checked the mail before we headed home and a box came from the leather store. Kim's leathers for riding were here. He told me that he wouldn't install the dishwasher if he couldn't try his gear. So, you see him decked out, standing next to my dishwasher. The goofy grin was reaction to his dad, who was standing to the side of me. I don't know what they were smirking about.

With it turning off cool....cold front coming in....he got on Betty Lou and checked out the wind and cold resistance of the leathers. He says it works great! I got a picture of him just as he revved up to take off. Oh, and he had to shave for a job....H2S gas well. He is already growing the face hair back again. the dishwasher installed? No. Is it out of the box? No. Is it even in the house yet? No. Hmmmm
But I already have evil thoughts that have to do with leather chaps.
I finished knitting a little pink cap that goes with a little pink jacket. Got to get it washed and boxed up to mail. I have three, four other boxes to get packaged, sealed, and ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. Mom took me to a new store called Kirklands. I found some fabulous tote bags made of yummy upholstry material, lined, and trimmed in beads for $5.99 each! They have a zip pocket inside and close with velcro. I bought two of them to use as project totes. I love them!

I am still wiped out from yesterday. It was supposed to be cool, but I think we set a heat record instead....mid 80's. I got hot and sticky feeling. Add that to running around all day after not much sleep the night before and I am dragging today. So, Jack and I are going to go take a nap. I will post more later.

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