Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Magic Fairy Dust Falling

Fairy dust......rare as hen's teeth. It has been falling steady since before 9am. NOAA is saying maybe up to 7 inches by the time it's over with tomorrow, but that much snow is extremely rare in my part of Texas, so we will see.
It has been wonderful for a snow lover like me. I go out every hour for pictures. Jack goes with me, but goes back in before I do....very disgruntled. Tigger, the giant cat, has gone bonkers. Guess too much stimulation. He went around the house slapping dogs all day yesterday. Today he is running around like he has drank too much coffee. Needless to say, the dogs are avoiding him. Having fur like a Chow-Chow gives him the attitude that he can rule. Since he is bigger than all but one dog, he lords over them. I hope I don't have to smack him off the other cats. Speaking of the other cats, yesterday I gave old Missy some aspirin. She hasn't started growling with pain yet, so I am hoping to keep her comfortable during this cold weather.
It's time to go out and take more pictures.....to be posted later.

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