Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Walk In The Snow

Welcome to Foxdraw Acres. This is the view from just past the gate, over the cattle guard, toward one of the houses. Our house is behind those trees to the left.

Here is the gate we just passed through. Kim wood burned the name sign from a piece of the vertical cut bamboo that we laid on the floors. I bought him the star at our local craft fair. It was pre-rusted and ready to he spray painted it gold. He doesn't keep up with the trends. But with the gold flaking off in the weather, he is being trendy whether he likes it or not.

And here we arrive at the house. It's beautiful with a 4 inch coating of snow. Sure beats the dust and dead grass of the past year.
I will compose another post later with shots of the trees and pasture covered in snow.
When I was outside earlier this morning, I heard trucks on the interstate, so apparently it is open in my county. There sure were a lot of trucks parked in town yesterday that needed to get somewhere before the next storm hits this weekend.

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