Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Event

It started up again with big fluffy flakes. This is taken about 3 in the afternoon. This will probably be the last pictures of the day, as it will start getting dark soon.

I know these are a lot of pictures, but snow events this big only happen down here every few years, not yearly. It should be interesting to see what things look like in the morning if the snow keeps coming like they predict it will. So, I will leave you with these for the day and post more tomorrow.
Weather channel is saying a break from this thursday.....then back to ice mix thursday and friday. Oh joy......I love the snow, but could do without the ice.


Attila The Mom said...

Woweee!! Keep warm!

P.S. I haven't heard from Ma T. either. :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow that sure does look cold! I had to come visit your blogger to see what you're up to! Lots from the looks of it! I love that purse too but failed to see a double chin....can you point it out?! LOL! Michelle

RC said...

i love snow...enjoy it.