Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Castle

This morning I woke to find an icy world. This has been predicted all weekend, but just today got us down here. I would say about a quarter inch of ice on things, but the sun is coming out. I was hopeful about the sun melting things, until I looked at the weather forcast for today. They are expecting a 50 percent chance of rain, or sleet, or snow for us today. There is still rain clouds coming up from Mexico....which they say began around Hawaii. Hard to believe the ice originated in balmy Hawaii.

Matt's therapy was cancelled, FIL is not going to be able to go in for bloodwork today unless it melts a bit, and I can't see Weight Watchers having weigh-in tonight. I wish we could phone in our weights....LOL I dropped 5lbs and want it recorded. the time we weigh in the evening, I would be showing heavier.

Everyone in the path of this....please stay off the icy roads and keep warm.

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