Saturday, November 25, 2006

Missed a Birthday

November 20th was the birthday of my little Princess, Lucy. She was a birthday gift to me from my dear friend, Judy. I had seen her among a batch of kittens Judy was raising and absolutely fell in love. Lucy is a delicate, silky, long haired calico. But don't let the delicate fool you. She has a temper and is an ace hunter. Tigger drives her nuts and she hisses at him when he is in sight. She did teach him how to hunt though.

The baby picture is one Judy took before I got Lucy. The close up is last winter, when she was wearing her winter coat. I would get a shot of her today, but she is nowhere in sight. Lucy likes long naps in my sewing chair or a sunbeam, hunting birds at the feeder.....picture posted, I plant flowers in the tub and put seeds in that black container on the post for the birds. Lucy likes to nap in the tub on the plants, or hide until a likely prey is in the container getting seeds and can't see her. She also brings in rabbits. One of her favorite things to do is bury her nose up in the palm of my hand when I am scratching her ears. She also likes to wait until I am snuggled down in bed on cold nights, then she will lie on top of me and get me pinned in securely. She also has this weird habit of calling me from across the yard or pasture. I will be outside and hear a distant around until I spot her coming across the pasture. Even when we have spotted each other, she will meow at me until she is right up to me.

So....Happy Birthday my little sweet you are 8.

In other news, Kim got home from Wyoming wednesday afternoon. We had Thanksgiving lunch with just the 4 of us.....Kim, Matt, Aaron (his dad), and me. I heated up the smoked, sliced turkey breast, spooned in a container of ready to eat dressing, opened a couple of cans of turkey gravy, heated up frozen glazed carrots and roasted sweet seeing a pattern here? The only thing from scratch was the mashed potatoes and the zucchini. I hate cooking, so Thanksgiving makes my kitchen a torture chamber. Everyone made pigs of themselves anyway and pronounced it good. My thanks to JennyO for the turkey, Schwan's for the carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and to all the other companies who's wrappers are now in the garbage can.

We also give thanks that A&M beat the pants off UT. Amen

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