Monday, November 20, 2006


First project to show is especially to my sister. She gave me a kit to make a Melon Purse and I want to show her that I finished it and made a little purse for my cell phone to match. There is the before picture, and two shots of after it went through the wash. Also, the cool buttons I found to put on them. On the purse is a pewter Celtic swirl looking button....and my Crochet Guild pin. On the phone purse is an antique rhinestone button. I have taken this purse out numerous times.

Next, we have the free London Fog coat I got. A friend was closing her thrift shop and I spotted this coat on the freebie rack. I had it dry cleaned and it looks brand new. You can't tell from the picture, but it is a yummy hunter green wool. I got some yarn in my goodie bag at Camp Crochet that is a fur yarn in hunter green, rose, and cream. I am not much for fur yarns, but this stuff was a delight to work with and the resulting knitted scarf is perfect for the coat. Now...if it will just turn off cold enought to wear them.

Next, even though I don't care for fur yarns, I couldn't resist the furry flip flops I have been seeing, so had to make myself a pair. So...there...I have exposed my icky feet to the world. At least the legs were shaved!
After I did these flip flops and fell in love...wear them all the time....I got Autumn and Hannah a pair of flip flops and going to make them some. I need to find out Brooklyn's shoe size...she may like fancy shoes by next summer.
Well, that's the show for now. It took forever to get pictures loaded today, so I will post more another day.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Attila The Mom said...

Those are so cool! Great job!