Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poke Me, I'm Done

I should be....been slow cooking at 90 degrees for two days.'s freaking November! Where is my cool weather? Apparently it's still in storage, like my winter clothes. The only wardrobe change I have made is to dig to the bottom of my drawer for a sweatshirt.
So, since it is so hot here, I think it is time to pull out the 30th Anniversary pictures. We were in the mountains, 8000 feet up, where the air is cool and trees grow, and apparently the air is so thin that you run out of breath after climbing two flights of stairs! I thought I was having an asthma attack the first night.....and I don't have asthma!

This first picture (geez I hope they turn out in the order I am loading them), we are heading west out of Roswell. Just before I took this picture, I was really getting concerned that I was not seeing mountains. I knew they had to be there eventually. Then, rising up from the scrub desert floor.....a mountain! I believe this is the El Capitan mountain range. And for those who want to know those things.....we were south of the famous crash site.

And it looks like blogger is going to flip my bear with me. The house you see is the "cabin" we rented. Oddly enough, the owners live in the neighboring town from us. There is Kim at the top of the stairs. The cabin was a full three bedroom, two and half bath, full kitchen, living room with wood burning fireplace, and hot tub on the back deck. It was a wonderful weekend in the high mountains, listening to echo's and watching deer. A front went through while we were there which made for some divine misty rains. The rain made it seem so magical.

I will leave you today with a picture of one of the mule deer does out the back door, and a view off the side of the road on the mountain we were on. The vista's were breathtaking. Next set of pictures will be from the ride we took on Betty Lou to the north end of the mountains, then the reservation as we left.

I am feeling about 10 degrees cooler already, just from looking at the pictures

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Attila The Mom said...

Love the pics!!

We live at 9000 feet in the mountains---believe me, after awhile you get used to the lack of air!!