Friday, November 10, 2006

More mountains

Okay, more scenes from New Mexico. Can you see the three does? That was taken out the back door of the cabin. There were over half a dozen of them. I know....I get the same thing happening at my house, difference is...these are Mule Deer...bigger build and bigger ears. And bigger racks as you can see from the next picture. There were 4 bucks that had moved in at the vacant cabin down the road. They were quite content laying around chewing cud. Then the next day, they had to leave. Someone across the street had come for the weekend and their Terrier wasn't going to allow the squatters on the block.

Saturday morning, Kim and I got out the Harley and took her for a mountain ride. We headed north and found the end of the range where we stopped at a rest area. I took pictures of the fantastic view from there. The first one is of the Capitan Range,my map says that is Carrizo Peak. The second one is my favorite. Just pointing the camera a little to the west of the range and you see for must be over a hundred miles. The view is for so far that you can't even tell the land from the sky. When I checked the map later, I figured out that just to the southwest...just out of camera range to the left of me, is the north end of the White Sands Missile Range. I stood there for quite a while just soaking in the astounding view.

The last picture is from that same rest stop, looking south to Sierra Blanca. That is the mountain that holds Ski Apache, I believe. I don't ski, so ignorant in that area. Later I will post a picture of that same mountain, only from the lobby of the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

We went on down that mountain and back up the other side, stopping at Capitan for lunch, then on back south, to Ruidoso. Kim was in the mood for a nap and I was in the mood to explore the shops. He took me in, dropped me off, and I spent the next three hours shopping while he rested. I found lots of goodies to buy, but the best was the tooled leather backpack purse. I have wanted one, but never could find one to my taste. This pack is classy enough to take everywhere and will work fabulously when we ride Betty Lou.

Tomorrow I will take you to the Inn of the Mountain Gods, where I tasted gambling and was unimpressed, then on the ride out of the mountains to the south on our way home.

I got a call from Kim about an hour ago. He is packing up in Pennsylvania, heading to Rock Springs, Wyoming today. That is going to be a long drive. We are both hoping they let him come home for Thanksgiving, and especially his Dad's hip replacement surgery on the 28th. At least he wasn't the crew that went to China or Argentina.

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AlisonH said...

Look at all those gorgeous pictures! My dad grew up in Nevada, and took us on road trips across the west when we were kids so we would appreciate the beauty of his type of landscape (we grew up in Maryland). I love your photos!