Sunday, November 19, 2006

My New Room

I have something very special happening in my life right now. My sweetheart is having a room built just for me and my stuff. I will soon have a room to put all my sewing machines, fabric, yarn and various other things that go with it. I can put my treadle machine in there, the machine and cabinet that was his mothers', my gigantic trunks, and all the other antique furniture.
A friend of mine and her husband are the builders, so they let me help as much as I want to. I am their weekend job. Last weekend they poured the footings. This weekend the floor joists and flooring went in. Now we wait until an extra worker can be freed up on a job so my walls can go up.
The room will be 28 feet wide and 12 feet deep. I didn't think that was very big until the floor went on and I stood up there. Also standing up there, I realized that I prefered the window going on the north side instead of the south side.....better view.
I am so stoked over this. I need to get busy and plan out the room arrangement before I am left standing in the finished room, wondering where to put cabinets and such.

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