Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Busy Lately

I haven't updated here lately because of a lot of things going on in my world. First, my carcass has been parked in front of this computer, checking email regularly for messages from dear hubby in Siberia. He left the 14th and we have already talked on the phone 3 times. Luckily he gave me his phone card number so we don't have to pay the high phone charges. I am here now because he is on the job site and no communication available. Life is good though, as he may be flying home saturday. Blows me away that he would get on the plane saturday in Russia and land in Texas on saturday. Unless he has another monster layover in Houston. He sat there for 6 hours on the way out.
Second thing was the little storm that threatened Houston and Galveston. I worried about my sister and bro in law in Katy and have group list friends all over the area. Happily, everyone came through okay. Sis only had some branches blown off their trees, but barely any dampness on the ground. My brother came through okay too but didn't have electricity.
Then my oldest son came for the weekend. We had a great visit. But I found out that a communication breakdown had happened. I thought I had until the weekend of Oct 8th to prepare for his girlfriend and daughter to visit. Wrong! It is this coming weekend! I have less than a week to prepare my house for a 9 month old! Today I did some work on the kitchen, such as moving cleaning supplies from under the sink to the pantry, and got the guest room ready. Tomorrow I have to work on the living room and dining room. That room will be the challenge because I have so much going on in here. I am hoping to get to the patio cleanup by thursday when the heat wave is supposed to break.
Yeah, we have had a horrendous heat wave the past week. It has consistantly hit 105-106 degrees this weekend and today. Oops, it is after midnight, so it is already tuesday. A cool front is supposed to be here thursday, bringing a chance of rain with it. This is wonderful news! I won't go outside unless I have to when it gets in the 100's. The patio has got to be cleaned up before company comes. We have piled stuff everywhere and the debris has blown in all summer, making piles of compost fodder in every nook and cranny.
So...with all this to do, what do I do? I knit a blanky. I got out the little wood cradle for the little one to play with and decided it needed a blanky. While I was clearing out some stuff from the closet, I came across some bulky, fluffy yarn. So I grabbed my size 17 Turbo's and got to work. I finished it this evening too! So, that stash is used up and the little cradle has a blanky. Now I need to come up with a little pillow for a mattress and buy a little doll for it. I hope Brooklyn likes it.
Okay, just took my night meds. Now I will shut down and go read till my eyes cross. Good Night

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