Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Picture of Kim

So I had a case of head-up-a** disease today. I burned a cd of Kim's pictures, took them to his dad, and when he looked at them full sized....I realize one of the pictures was of Kim in front of Albert House. D'oh! So...that is him standing on the steps. Maybe I will start looking at pictures at a bigger size than I have.
Dad was easy to instruct on how to use the cd....so he is teachable, no matter what he says. When Kim sends some more pictures, I will burn them onto the cd, then walk dad through making a folder on his computer to download the pictures to.
Now, maybe that will be my last post for today. I don't post for a week, then I go at it like a maniac. Well....that is life in ADD-land, I suppose.

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