Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Watching Rita

Since I have friends and family in the hurricane path, I have been watching things closely. Last night when I went to bed, she was only a catagory 2, just a couple of mph away from being a 3. Blew me away when I got up this monring and she was a Cat 4!
Emails have been flying between sis and I all morning. She works near downtown. On her route to work, she passes a National Guard Armory....about 4 miles from her house. This morning they were on duty, suited up and active. They had about 15-20 busses at the ready. Moments ago, sis emailed that the procession of busses just drove by her office on their way to the surge area. It warms my heart to know that Texas knows how to handle a disaster. If anyone is left behind to deal with the will only be by their choice.
My bro in law has been in Mobile Alabama this past week or so, working on repairs. He is a certified welder and deep sea diver. They were cut loose to go home to Houston to prepare, so he should be coming home this evening.
If things get too dicey, they will load up and head to my house. I just hope I get some rain out of all this. It is so dry here, and has been for so long, that even my allergy med doesn't do me any good. The sneezing, itchy eyes, snot, and nose blowing is getting old. I need rain to clean out the pollens!

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